Am I Hungry or Am I Bored

Am I Hungry or Am I Bored

We live in an age of "busy". We are always busy. So when we sit down and finally have a chance to relax, often we start eating because sitting and doing nothing but resting, seems weird! But are we actually hungry? We often confuse boredom with hunger and then start snacking in-between meals or late at night, when our body actually isn't hungry. 

Tips to Not Eat From Boredom 

- Take A Walk Outside

- Read a Book

- Paint

- Complete Some Housework

- Organize Your Closet 

- Talk to a Friend on the Phone

It's okay to snack when your body needs it. In fact, that's nourishing to your body and is great! Don't feel guilty. But, try to decipher now whether it is true hunger or just a wandering mind. 


On the contrary, don't try to starve yourself to avoid snacking. Then your body will go into what's called "Survival Mode". This causes your blood sugar to decrease. Low blood sugar causes fatigue and can make us a bit "hangry." So, don't avoid snacking just to avoid it. 


Find the happy middle ground by only eating when you're hungry. That's Rule #1 of the Kim Shapira Method. Only Eat When You're Hungry.


If you're having trouble figuring out if you are hungry or bored, you might not be hungry. BUT, try eating a banana. Bananas are a healthy snack and are very filling, so you'll be able to tell right away if you were really hungry or not. 



Kim Shapira RD

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