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Inspiration from patients who have transformed their lives with Trimly.

“Vacations and swimsuits mean a whole new thing to me now.”

TS, Lost 50 lbs

I can’t thank Dr. Aliabadi enough. Being recently divorced, I would look at myself with disappointment. I was so unhappy and I felt very unhealthy. I wasn’t aiming to be perfect, I just wanted to be healthy and not heavy. Under Dr. Aliabadi’s care, I have not only become a happier and more beautiful woman, but I am no longer diabetic and I now have way more energy.

Vacations and swimsuits mean a whole new thing to me now. I feel great and beautiful and I’m happy. I’m dating too! I have so many dates and no one can guess my age, I can’t believe it. I eat better and live a healthier lifestyle. Dr. Aliabadi was upfront and honest with me. She was accessible and she seemed to know exactly what medication I needed and what I needed emotionally to get me through the tough parts on my way to success! Thank you. You saved me.

“Couldn’t lose weight even though I was working out 4/5 times a week.”

AC, Lost 46 lbs

I lost 46 pounds thanks to Dr. Aliabadi! I was diagnosed with PCOS after years of not knowing why I couldn’t lose weight even though I was working out 4/5 times a week, running lots of miles, eating pretty healthy but the scale just kept increasing. I am so grateful for this program!

“Finally! I am back to being me.”

AP, Lost 47 lbs

I was 162 pounds at my heaviest. Before menopause I used to be around 118-120 pounds. I am now at 112-115 pounds and I feel like I got my life back, my self esteem back.... I finally feel like myself again and I don’t shy away from the mirror.

I was truly at the end of my rope. I became a hermit after always being an outgoing, gregarious person my entire life. I was someone else, someone who did not want to talk to anyone or socialize at all. I did not go out with friends, I stopped dating and hid in my house because I had lost all my self esteem and confidence and who I was as a person. I became so depressed. I contemplated suicide many times because I was so unhappy and could not figure out what was wrong with me. I tried liposuction surgeries 2 times which all failed leaving me scarred and even more embarrassed and certainly lighter on my pocket but not on the scales.

I was exercising nonstop as I have always been active with spinning, aerobics, dancing, etc. and I ate 800-1000 calories a day, journaling all my food intake to ensure I was not exceeding the caloric intake each day. And I did not lose weight, I only gained weight! I tried vegan,keto, paleo, truly everything and nothing worked. I was so frustrated and beyond depressed. I cried every day of my life.

But Finally! I am back to being me. I haven’t been this happy in 13 years. Thanks to Dr. Aliabadi. I truly cannot thank her enough. She saved me not only from the pit of despair but she absolutely saved my life!

“I knew I needed to do something quickly to save me from an early death!”

ED, Lost 106 lbs

Dr. Aliabadi saved my life...literally! Weighing in at 272 lb, with a morbidly obese BMI of 44.6 in July 2020, I knew my chances of weight-related diseases were in my near future. In fact, when I went to see Dr. Aliabadi in November 2020, my HgA1C (a blood result to determine if you are diabetic), resulted at 7.2, which is a diagnosis of Type II diabetes. At only 44 years old, I knew I needed to do something quickly to save me from an early death.

Dr. Aliabadi recommended a treatment plan and I started on 1/4/21 and haven’t looked back. As of writing this, I am now 166 lb. But, not only have I dropped 106 lb so far, other important numbers dropped. My BMI is 27.2 (overweight category), my HgA1C is 4.6 (normal...no longer diabetic), and my cholesterol dropped from 232 to under 200, which is normal. I also dropped from a size 20-22 to a 10-12! And, I’m not done...I plan on losing another 20-30 lbs to get my BMI in the normal range of 18.5 to 24.9. Her treatment curbed my appetite, which has helped tremendously. I also started following a lower carb/ Mediterranean style diet. But, even if I want to enjoy sweets, I still can in moderation, because I can switch to watching my calorie intake. Due to a busy schedule, exercise has been tougher to fit in, but I usually try to find some time to walk. I plan to work more on exercise now to help tone areas due to such a big weight loss.

Thank you Dr. Aliabadi for saving my life! I never thought it was possible after many yo-yo diets I tried.