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Trimly is a year-long personalized medical weight loss treatment under Dr. Aliabadi’s supervision.

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Trimly Weight Loss

We're so proud of our Trimly patients, wherever they are in their weight loss journey.
(And we love receiving pictures tracking their progress!)
Whether you're looking to lose 100 lbs. or 35 lbs, we love each and every transformation. 

Lost 37 lbs. 

Lost 46 lbs. 

Lost 40 lbs. 

Lost 50 lbs. 

Lost 31 lbs. 

Lost 35 lbs. 

Lost 33 lbs. 

Lost 40 lbs. 

Lost 106 lbs. 

Lost 55 lbs. 


The Trimly Treatment

Dr. Aliabadi

  • Virtual conference kickoff with world-renowned physician and surgeon, Dr. Thais Aliabadi.
  • Weekly virtual office time with Dr. Aliabadi throughout the year for questions and support.
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A Personalized Plan

  • One-on-one video conference with a Trimly team member to do a deep dive into your medical history. Dr. Aliabadi will review your medical history and develop a personalized plan to get you going.   
  • Each month you’ll check in with your Trimly team member to track your progress.
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FDA-Approved Medication

The Trimly team will order your medication to assist in your weight-loss treatment

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Lifestyle Coaching

Expert guidance on how to maximize the effects of your Trimly treatment and how to develop healthy, positive habits that will help keeping your weight off

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Patient Care

  • Our patients are our number one priority.
  • In addition to weekly and monthly video calls, we will be available for any pressing needs.
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Nobody tells the Trimly story better than our patients.