Kim Shapira

M.S., R.D., Founder of Kim Shapira Method, Author of 'This is What You’re Really Hungry For'

Kim Shapira

Kim Shapira is a registered dietitian with a background in human metabolism and clinical nutrition. She started her practice in 1999, and has expanded her experience in hospitals, sports clinics, addiction centers, and universities.

She created the Kim Shapira Method, centered around six rules to heal and reinvent people’s relationship with food. She has continuously refined her method, helping hundreds of people lose weight and keep it off by achieving a normal relationship with food.

Kim has a B.S. in Exercise Science and Kinesiology from Tulane University and an M.S. in Human Metabolism and Clinical Nutrition from Boston University. When she’s not helping clients take over the world, she spends time with her husband and three kids.

She currently has a practice in Los Angeles, helping a roster of clients including Kaley Cuoco and Brittany Snow. She appears as a guest expert for Dr. Drew, Glamour Magazine, General Mills, and more.

You can follow Kim on Instagram @kimshapiramethod.