Go the F to Sleep

Go the F to Sleep

I won't shut up about sleep, I know. In a society that glamorizes "the grind", working late, and hustling to your next to-do, I am here to tell you to go the f to sleep. Sleep is an absolutely vital necessity that you simply can't skimp out on or you'll feel the repercussions. A groggy mind will ruin your entire day and cloud your decision making.


If you're finding yourself scrolling past your bedtime or waking up early to get a few more hours of work in, I want you to reevaluate and turn your focus to what your body NEEDS.  


Also, did you know sleeping might even help you burn some calories? The average person burns 63 calories per hour in their sleep; so technically, the longer you sleep, the more calories you burn! If you get a full 8 hours a night, you will have burned 3,528 in a week and 15,120 in a month! Just from laying in bed! 


So get to it, SLEEP SLEEP SLEEP!


Kim Shapira RD

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