Difference Between Men and Women on GLP-1 Medications

Difference Between Men and Women on GLP-1 Medications
By Nancy Owais

GLP-1 medications for weight loss have taken the world by storm. Initially, there was a surge of women wanting to get their hands on this miracle drug. Not long after, men wanted to experience what this drug can do for them as well. It is no secret that GLP-1 medications have revolutionized the weight loss industry, but it has also helped millions of people, both men and women lose excess body weight and improve their overall health. However, as more and more people are taking these medications, we can see the discrepancies between men and women and how this drug is affecting them.

Because men have a higher percentage of muscle mass naturally and lower body fat than women, there will be an impact on weight loss between them. Muscles burn more calories than fat, so there will be higher calorie expenditure. In addition, women usually have a higher percentage of visceral fat (fat stored around your organs) than subcutaneous fat (fat stored underneath the skin that is visible), making it harder to shed the weight.

Hormones also play a significant role in weight loss. Women with polycystic ovarian syndrome who are insulin resistant will have a much harder time than men. As women, our bodies go through different hormonal fluctuations throughout the month which can trigger hunger cues, cravings and metabolism. Women also go through a very big hormonal shift when they become menopausal, making it even harder to lose or even maintain their weight. Men also experience hormonal changes, but to a lesser extent, making them less susceptible to weight fluctuations.

During treatment both men and women will experience significant weight loss on GLP-1 medications. However, women may lose a higher percentage of body weight compared to men. It’s important to know that each person is different. There are factors like baseline weight, underlying health conditions, and how well they adhere to diet and exercise that will influence the amount of weight a person will lose.

For both men and women on a weight loss journey, the pace at which they should be losing weight is the same. Dropping weight too fast is dangerous, but losing weight slowly can feel discouraging. The general rule of thumb for weight loss whether taking GLP-1 medications or not is 1 to 2 pounds per week according to the Mayo Clinic. It may not seem a lot, but in the long run it is easier to maintain the weight that was lost steadily.

For both men and women, the main goal is to lose weight. However, the secret to long term health is maintaining the weight you worked so hard to lose. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle with diet and exercise, and checking in regularly with your primary care doctor for optimal health is key.

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