Makin' Motivation Moves

Makin' Motivation Moves

Do you ever feel like you've had a lazy day? Or a week? Or a year???

First things first: It happens. You're normal, and you're not alone. 


I wanted to share some ways that I keep myself motivated. When working with my clients, this typically relates to their relationship with their food and health goals, but these tips work in ALL aspects of life. Motivation is key. And here's the... Key?


  1. Track Your Progress

This doesn't have to mean tracking weight on the scale. How many times did you cook this week? Is it more than last week? How have you been feeling lately? Or this basic but SUPER important one... Did you drink enough water today? The act of keeping count always inspires a surprising amount of progress.


  1. Make Small Goals

When I'm feeling especially stumped or unmotivated, I like to make a list of small goals. I start extremely small things I was gonna do anyway. 

- Take a shower? Check.

- Brush my teeth? Check.

- Bowl of cheerios? Check.

Checking one simple thing off the list inspires you to get the next one done. Add some slightly larger goals to the list and you are making progress! :)


  1. Remember Why You Started

Why did you start following the Kim Shapira Method? Did you want to be healthier? Feel healthier? Picture yourself at the "end" of your journey. What does that feel like? The only way to get there is to keep moving forward. You got this!


  1. Take Classes

There are people who share the same mindset as you. Whether you're looking for a tough workout, to learn a new skill, or to improve your relationship with food (wink wink), there are people out there who want to help. Your classmates and workout partners are just as important as your instructor in a lot of these cases. Keep each other motivated!


Do you have your own list of ways to motivate yourself? I'd love to hear them! Whatever works for you! 


Kim Shapira RD

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