The Power of Journaling for Weight Loss

The Power of Journaling for Weight Loss
By Nancy Owais

When someone says they are on a weight loss journey, there is so much going on with that person mentally, physically, and emotionally. If that person has a journal where they track their progress, write down their goals, express how they feel, and just organize their journey, weight loss may just be easier and more enjoyable. There are many reasons why journaling is a powerful tool to use when losing weight.

1. You will be able to track your progress better. By writing down how much you weigh and the date, you will be able to see the rate at which you are losing weight. Writing down what you ate, how much you exercised also makes you more aware of areas you are doing well in and areas that may need improvement.

2. You can express your feelings through journaling. Losing weight is emotionally difficult. Especially, if you are not where you want to be on your journey. Writing down how you feel allows you to express your feelings and helps you find what is triggering those emotions.

3. Setting goals in your mind is one thing, but seeing them written down in front you makes you more accountable. When you open up your journal, it will be a constant reminder of what you are setting out to accomplish and how to accomplish it.

4. Not all weight loss journeys are smooth and not everyone experiences constant weight loss throughout. There are plateaus and hiccups along the road and that is okay. Journaling allows you to appreciate where you are and how far you have come. You will start to have more self-appreciation and feel more confident and positive during your journey.

Journaling is not difficult to do at all. Even if you set aside 10 minutes a day to write everything down, you will be in a better position in your weight loss journey than if you don’t write anything. There are also many journals online that can be purchased, making journaling even easier. After getting used to journaling, you will notice a difference in your physical health because of accountability. However you will mostly notice a difference in your mental and emotional health, which is so important as that is the stamina and motivation you need to keep going.
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